The news is out. The Anglican Ordinariate will be established in the USA on January 1. Read more about it here and from Rocco Palmo here. As I predicted, there are more priests coming over than congregations for them to serve. They will, no doubt, serve in local Latin Rite parishes while they build up an ordinariate congregation. Goody Goody! I’m pretty excited by this. I know I’m biased, but they’re going to bring in some good stuff to the Catholic Church. It’s called “the Anglican Patrimony.”

Here are a few of the good things: 1. Good hymns 2. Good education 3. Good sense of self deprecating humor 4. Good taste in dry sherry 5. Good understanding of the importance of lace and incense 6. Good literary sense 7. Good boost to the Western tradition 8. words like “vouchsafe” 9. good Choral evensong 10. good knowledge of architecture 11. good Englishness 12. good sense of the need for Evangelization. 13. Good missionary spirit. 14. Good hats 15. Good down to earth spirituality.