A reader has sent a link to this fascinating opinion piece by a Protestant writer. He predicts a massive collapse of Evangelical Christianity within the next 10 -20 years.

I think his analysis is correct in the whole, but I believe he underestimates the tenacity of Protestant religious organizations and their ability to adapt to the changing cultural landscape. How will evangelicalism change? Look to the Episcopalians. Mainstream Evangelicals have always followed the example of the liberal mainline Protestant denominations. They are usually about 15 years behind the radical cutting edge liberalism. As Episcopalians were the first to accept artificial contraception, the rest soon followed. Now many Evangelical churches turn a blind eye to remarriage after divorce, co habitation and even abortion. Most are ready to debate, if not accept women’s ordination and homosexual ‘marriage’ is right around the corner.

Along with this will go a softening attitude toward dogma. Evangelicals are already saying, “Dogma is divisive, and the seemingly successful post modern mega churches downplay dogma for a mixture of Scripture, entertainment, self help, positive thinking and practical living courses. The liberals went down this road long ago. Evangelicals don’t seem to recognize that they are simply doing ‘Norman Vincent Peale’ for today.