I’ve just been to see the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. My verdict is to quote the old Ogden Nash poem: 

Here is a good rule of thumb
Too clever is dumb.
It was way too talky. They had to tell me all their deep philosophical thoughts about anarchy and chaos etc. They had to be blatant with all their cute symbolism and meaningful moments.
The plot was too diffuse, there wasn’t enough focus on main characters. We didn’t know with whom to identify. The subplots were too complex and the action sequences often difficult to follow.
There were three highlights for me however–one the Joker in the nurse uniform primping as he walks away from the exploding hospital and two lines from the Joker: “Why so serious?” and his throw away line to Batman, “You complete me.” Which is a pretty corny line from the otherwise excellent Jerry Maguire.