satanWaPo reports here on a new survey that informs us that the largest religious grouping among registered Democrats is “None”

Yes, that’s “None” not “Nun”. In other words, the Democrats are the party of the godless.

People who do not identify with any organized religion (aka the “nones”) comprise the largest chunk of self-identified Democrats and those who lean toward the Democratic party.  And, that number has increased by almost 10 percentage points since Pew last conducted a similar study back in 2007.

As Pew puts it:

Religious “nones” are now more numerous among Democrats and Democratic-leaning adults than are Catholics, evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants or members of the historically black Protestant tradition.

OK. I take it back. When I said “godless” perhaps I was being harsh. The “nones” are not necessarily atheists. They simply do not identify as a member of a particular religious group. They could be atheist, or they could simply be “spiritual but not religious.”

The best retort I heard recently when somebody spouted the “spiritual but not religious” line was, “Well, that puts you on a  level with Satan. He’s spiritual but not religious.”

Which means the “none” identification could be the fact that the “nones” are quoting the Old One who has said from the beginning, “Non. Non. Non. Non Serviam.”