ASH-WEDNESDAYHere is my article for National Catholic Register for Ash Wednesday.

It celebrates being wrong, “for whenever men are right they are not young”

Ash Wednesday is the day when we wear our error on our brow. The ashes declare to the world, “I’m wrong. It was me.”

With the ashes, we put our hands in the air and admit that it’s our fault. You ask, “What’s wrong with the world?” With the ashes we say, “I am. It’s me. Look no further. I take the blame.”

Have you ever stopped to think that Christianity is the only religion in which the first step is to say, “I’m wrong?” The first message that comes from Jesus at the front end of the Gospel is: “Repent!”

Before you can do anything else in the Christian life, you have to say, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” It can’t just be routine. It can’t be just words from a liturgy out of a book. It has to be from the heart.

This is why Ash Wednesday is a solemn day, but a standing on my head joyful day as well.

This is the paradox of grace–that when I am weak then I am most strong.

When I admit I know nothing I can begin to know something.

When I realize I’m wrong I can begin to be right but when I think I’m right I’m wrong.

I hope your Ash Wednesday was a good start to Lent.

Our parish of Our Lady of the Rosary was packed for Mass this evening and afterwards about fifty people began their consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Joyful renewal in the parish to Jesus through Mary!

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