Left to Right: Maureen– mission team ‘Mom’. John – very bright. Just graduated a year early, and off to Gordon College to study oceanography. A true eccentric, he wore long pants and long sleeves all week, and went to the prom with both he and his date dressed in outfits made from duct tape Norah – she and her friend Ali really are that tiny. She’s a steel magnolia. Tough, pretty, funny and smart. Ali – the other one of ‘the muchachas’. She toughed it out through the heat, some sickness and bad food. She’s witty, smart, girly and lots of fun. Andrew – a Senior next year, Andrew loves God, soccer, cake and making sounds that sound more like Chewbacca than Chewbacca. Jordan – his name’s ‘Jordan Hudson’. I’m not sure why his parents chose to name him ‘Jordan’ when he already had a river for his last name, but this is America. A good kid with a heart of gold, endless enthusiasm and joy. Caitlin is in the other picture. Quiet, pretty, very sweet natured, smart and good at Spanish, she read the lesson at Mass.