“How utterly refreshing and encouraging to read Fr. Longenecker’s extraordinary ruminations on something we all thought we understood, and obviously hardly begin to understand, until now.” —Eric Metaxas, New York Times bestselling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Many people are unaware that most Biblical scholars think the story of the “three kings from Orient Are” is just a pious fairy tale. They don’t think it ever really happened.

Meanwhile, the simple story in Matthew’s gospel has been embroidered and exaggerated over the years with all sorts of legendary and mythical additions.

I wondered if there was a historical basis to the Magi story so I started digging, and the results were astounding. This book will change the way we read the New Testament. It holds surprises (and maybe a few shocks to the system) for both the liberal scholars who think the story of the three wise men is so much pious hokum, and for traditional Christians who think all the legends and tradition are completely true.

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Professor Robert George has written:

If you think books don’t make good Christmas presents, it’s because you haven’t read this one by Dwight Longenecker. He explores the historical question: Who were the “wise men” (or “kings,” or “magi”) who, seeing the star of Bethlehem, came bearing gifts for the infant Jesus? Carefully examining the historical and archaeological evidence, he makes a powerful case for a surprising answer. I won’t give it away, but please do yourself a favor and learn it from Fr. Longenecker’s fascinating and compelling book. It will make your Christmas shopping this year easy.

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