An email I have just received:

“You people better get a lasso on that South Carolina priest that is terrorizing people with his threats with regards to Obama. I know that you don’t want a media campaign about your segragationist policies and being the richest institution in the world (more gold than anyone) but most of all we will reawaken people minds of the perverts that rape little boys from your churches.”

In his book, The New Anti Catholicism Philip Jenkins outlines the new forces of anti-Catholic bigotry ranged against the Catholic Church in America. No longer is it the old ‘pope is anti-Christ’ Protestant fundamentalists, but the rabid abortionists, feminists and homosexualists.”
Check out this video for another example of things to come.
UPDATE: Some of the hate mail directed to Fr Newman has come through to me by mistake. If I am getting just a fraction, he’s getting lots, and the excerpt above is just a taste of the rage that is out there. Of course very few engage in either rational or civil (not to mention charitable) debate. Phew! It doesn’t make for pretty reading. The fact that some of it is coming from Catholics is even more disturbing.
UPDATE 2: The media storm is unleashed. Fr Newman’s controversial letter has been picked up by the national news media. His words have been twisted in order to distort his message and the message of the Catholic faith. I continue to receive thousands of emails destined for him. Many are supportive, but I am shocked at a large number that spew the most vicious, foul mouthed filth, hatred and blasphemy imaginable.