Sitwell and MarilynDid you know the eccentric English poet Edith Sitwell was friends with Marilyn Monroe?

My article this week for Imaginative Conservative looks at their lives and learns a lesson

Having known for some time of the unlikely friendship between the dour T.S. Eliot and the zany Groucho Marx, I was intrigued to learn that the weird poet Edith Sitwell was friends with the wild sexpot Marilyn Monroe.

There is a famous photograph from 1953 of the two of them sharing a sofa and engaged in conversation. The juxtaposition of the aristocratic Englishwoman with the Hollywood starlet makes one wonder about the two women and the lessons we might learn from their famous and fragile lives. When examined, it is not surprising that they became friends, for beneath the contrasting surface they were sisters-in-arms.

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Image George Silk