Someone said Mitt Romney was “Slick and robotic.” Sounds like the Tin Man to me, and I think that is why he doesn’t inspire enthusiasm. He’s too canned, too rich, too slick, too entitled. Just another rich guy from a rich family who can buy the White House. More of the same.

Meanwhile, the people respond to a person with “heart”. Santorum has heart. He speaks from personal conviction. He speaks and acts according to his beliefs, and people like that. They like it a lot. But if Romney is the Tin Man without a heart is Santorum the lovable Scarecrow without a brain? If he’s being quoted correctly, I worry that he’s said some stuff that is well, dumb. Go to war with Iran? Please, not another Middle Eastern adventure.

So is Ron Paul–the cowardly Lion? He seems too isolationist, too disengaged. Does he lack backbone? Does he lack that pro active warrior spirit that is required? Dunno. He certainly has brains. What he says seems smart. He has heart and passion but does he have the will to succeed?

Newt Gingrich? He’s the grumpy gate keeper isn’t he? “Washington? The Emerald City? Naah. You’re not getting in here!”

Rick Perry’s got to be Toto…running along behind everybody else yapping at their heels.

Dorothy? That must be Bachmann…and she already went home to Kansas…err I mean Iowa.

Wicked Witch of the West? Nancy Pelosi…

…and I’ll let you figure out who the flying monkey is.