shroudThis week’s article for Aleteia gives a brief outline of the arguments for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and why that is the best evidence for the existence of God.

Atheists like to say, “Where is the evidence for the existence of God?,” and philosophical arguments aren’t really evidence as such. They work well enough, but they remain abstract head games. I’m hearing the atheists when they say they want evidence, and I’ve asked in response, “What kind of evidence do you want?” Strangely, they seem stumped by my request.

So I answer the question for them. “Would you like forensic evidence? Documentary evidence? Archaeological evidence? Botanical and biological evidence? Would you like photographic evidence? Logical evidence? Historical evidence? Eyewitness evidence? Legal evidence?” In fact, all of these forms of evidence for the existence of God exist, but first we do have to play some of those philosophical head games.

You see, if God does not exist, then the natural order must be a closed system. That is to say, it must operate according to the rules of nature. No miracles are allowed because a miracle would mean that there is a force that is outside of nature and therefore independent and greater than nature. If there is just one miracle, however — and we only need one — then nature is not a closed system and there is a force greater than nature and outside of nature. If that miracle is intelligible, that is to say, it makes sense, then the force that is greater than nature is intelligent, and if it is intelligent than it is more than a force, it is a personality. The force, if you like, has a face.

The one miracle that Christians claim above all others is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

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