Are angels solid or are we?

For the celebration of our Guardian Angels here’s a true story:

My parents were driving home from the Christian youth group they ran as a young married couple. As a little tyke, 1I was asleep in the back of the station wagon with my brother and sister. Mom and Dad were driving down a narrow country road in Pennsylvania with steep banks on either side.

As they went over the brow of a hill they saw another car coming towards them further down the road at a great speed. They knew that the other driver would come over the brow of the hill without seeing them, for by then they would have been in the dip of the next hill.

Sure enough, they went over the brow of the next hill and there was the oncoming car. There was no place to turn to avoid the crash. Mom and Dad said they braced themselves for the high speed head on impact. Dad said he could see the terrified face of the driver of the oncoming car as he too prepared for the fatal crash. Mom called out to the Lord, and looked behind to see her sleeping babies one last time.

The next thing she knew she saw through the car’s back window the receding tail lights of the car that had, just that moment, been in front of them. They drove home in silence. To this day, convinced that their guardian angels had somehow transposed the laws of physics to allow the two cars to slip through one another like immaterial things.