syriansThe solution to the Syrian refugee problem is simple. It goes like this:

First we have to admit that we can’t take everyone. Therefore there has to be a selection process.

Quite sensibly we should acknowledge that there might be a problem of terrorists sneaking in as refugees and we want to weed them out.

Here’s how the selection procedure should work:

  1.  We decide to take only the most vulnerable and weak because they are most in need.
  2. The most vulnerable and weak are old people, and family units with young children
  3. The next category of the most weak are disabled people
  4. The third category of the most vulnerable and weak are Christians, Yazidis and other minority groups
  5. We admit people in these categories and we use aid programs to assist others where they are–in Europe or neighboring countries.

This is a solution that is at once compassionate and open hearted while still being cautious and secure.

This is a rational, workable solution not a knee jerk emotional reaction.

By doing this we kill two birds with one stone: we help those who are most needy first and we eliminate the risk of admitting terrorists because old people, little children and their mothers who are all Christians or Yazidis are very unlikely to also be terrorists.

So why is that so difficult?