Here is my latest article for Catholic Online

 Pope Francis has reminded us that the Lord is a God of surprises. The Catholic faith is “ever ancient ever new” because while we have our dogmas and decrees and our rubrics and rules and regulations we also have the Holy Spirit–a Spirit that blows where it wills. In the Church it is always Springtime because there is forever something new and fresh being brought into life by the Holy Spirit.

When I was a boy in Protestant Sunday School I was thrilled and delighted by the story of Jesus going into the temple to turn over the tables of the money changers. The Sunday School teacher said it was because they were selling things in church and that was wrong. I suspected, however, that Jesus was turning over more than just the tables of the money changers.

He was turning over the whole system. After all, he had also mocked the religious leaders for wearing fine robes and loving to be greeted respectfully in the street and taking the best seats in the synagogue. He had called them the sons of Satan. They were snakes, liars and hypocrites. Jesus was turning over more than just a few tables. He was revolutionizing the entire religion of his day. More than that, he was turning the whole world upside down.

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