This link predicts the future of Catholic worship in America. For many years Catholics who have disliked the new liturgy have been pushing for a wider use of the Traditional Latino Mass. Now in New York and in many places the Latino Mass is growing ever popular. Cubans in traditional Latino costumes–the men in tight trousers and the ladies in flouncy skirts–have been flocking to the traditional Latino Mass. With steel bands, bongo drums and ‘charismatic’ music, the Masses are enlivened with colorful vestments, processions with statues of the Blessed Virgin dressed in gorgeous robes, and some very happy people.

These traditional Latino Masses are increasingly popular throughout the USA, and those who love the Traditional Latino Mass are hoping that any day Pope Benedict will issue a special permission called a motu proprio which will make the Traditional Latino Mass even more widely practiced. Who knows, perhaps one day all Catholics everywhere will return once more to the Traditional Latino Mass.