I have come across a website with the remarkable title ‘Thinking Anglicans’. The website compiles blog posts and makes comment from a viewpoint that basically toes the liberal humanist Anglican establishment party line.

The title of their website, ‘Thinking Anglicans’ is immediately offensive because it sounds elitist and condescending. It implies that the authors and readers of the website are the only Anglicans who think. Anyone who disagrees with them (like those awful fundamentalist, superstitious African Anglicans or those crude American Evangelicals in Virginia) cannot be thinkers like they are. They must be ignorant, stupid or both. The title further implies not only that the authors and readers are the only thinking Anglicans, but that Anglicans (especially Anglicans who are tasteful, educated and socially rising) are probably the only sort of Christians who think at all.

One of their number (if not in fact, then certainly in spirit) once said to me in his languid, English aristocratic way, “It must be sooo easy to be a Catholic. You don’t have to think about anything. You just accept whatever the Church says.”

The privately educated chattering classes of the Church of England offend in this way constantly. They do it instinctively. They are too often like one of Jane Austen’s aristocratic ladies who constantly offend everyone lower than themselves without even being aware of it. At the same time this gang usually prides itself on its refined manners, good taste and social niceties.

When confronted with a website called ‘Thinking Anglicans’ I want to ask, “What were you thinking?” I search in vain for anything in their writings which is at all original, creative or even interesting. Most of what is written is second or third hand liberal mumbo jumbo…a re-hash of out worn sentimentality, sad politically correct agitprop, and dodgy psycho babble all dressed up in mock Christian jargon.

It must be sooo easy to be a ‘thinking Anglican’… you just accept whatever the establishment of the Episcopal and Anglican Churches tell you…