blameI’ve written a fair bit about the immature reactions of blaming other for our problems. Go here.

It’s part of being human, but it’s something we can overcome.

Dr Greg Popcak has some good insights over here on how to get free from the tendency to blame others and take responsibility for our decisions and actions.

5 Steps to Reclaiming Your Power….(Here’s Three)

So, if blame disempowers us, how can we reclaim our power over the challenges and problems we face?

1.  Identify the problem to be solved.   

Stop asking who caused the mess.  Even if you could solve this mystery, the mess would still remain.  In fact, while you are arguing about who’s at fault, the mess is just running all over the floor and getting harder to clean up–so to speak.  Instead,  simply state the nature of the mess that has to be addressed.

2.  Brainstorm solutions.

Ask  what needs to be done to solve the problem.  Collaborate with the people around you to identify the steps that would need to be taken to address the issue.

3.  Take the Lead

Don’t wait for others to respond.  Begin gathering the resources necessary to solve the problem and roll up your sleeves to address it.  Don’t worry if “it’s not fair.”  You’ll feel more powerful if you “do” instead of “debate.”

Go to Dr Greg’s blog here to read the whole post.

Image Greg Austin via Flickr