MSM reporter Todd Unctuous joins us as guest blogger, offering his thought on racism and the American way.

Just because America has elected the first black president doesn’t mean that racial hatred has disappeared across America. Experts are increasingly worried about the increase in hatred of the president’s policies and are convinced that the opposition to federally funded health care is a racial issue. I have observed that the majority of people who are attending angry ‘town hall’ meetings on the health care issue are white. Most of them are right wing working class people who cling to their religion and guns. Their critics refer to them as ‘sister marrying rednecks’, and although I am not racist, it is clear that these white people are the problem.

The problem with racism is that the racist does not realize he is racist. Typically a racist will make unsubstantiated comments about a particular racial group. He will refer to them by a derogatory name. He will categorize them all together and assign negative traits to the whole group. The racist will mock their culture, their tastes, their music, their hobbies and their manner of dress. He will usually put the particular racial group into a convenient sub class in his society thereby keeping them in that subclass. Once he gets them into this lower class grouping it is easy for him to consider them to be genetically deficient, dangerously subnormal and naturally criminal. All he has to do is link this racial group with an insane murderer and the whole group seems dangerously insane. Along with racism is hatred of a group of people who follow a particular religion. For instance, Muslims are hated in this country simply because they are Muslims and for no other reason.
The critics of the president, who are white, unemployed, working class people are a perfect example of what I am talking about. These people seem to have nothing better to do than to attack the president because he is Afro American. They used to have good jobs, and they could get good jobs again if they were willing to look hard. I hate to use the word ‘lazy’ but you have to ask why they are unemployed when McDonald’s and other companies are always looking for workers. You have to draw the conclusion that they don’t really want to work. Often they come from dysfunctional families (who are often inbred) with dependency problems. Their religion, which should help them to think positively, too often feeds their prejudices. Most of them are fundamentalist Christians who wear flannel shirts, listen to country Western music in their pickup trucks, which have deer antlers on the grill, and a gun rack in the cab. These are hate groups and right wing extremists that nurtured mass murders Tim MacVeigh and the Unabomber and those who bomb abortion clinics.
While most of these racists are not Catholic, they operate with the same mentality. I am not myself a religious man, but I do respect those who have a sincere and heartfelt spirituality. Catholics, on the other hand, have been shown to be in the same category as the above mentioned type of people. They are usually members of the underclass. Historically they have been immigrants–people who were not wanted in their own country very often because they had criminal tendencies. Once there came here to America the scholars have shown that they took the best jobs through a combination of inside contacts and a willingness to work for next to nothing. Their religion has always been a dangerous mixture of superstition,  unquestioned loyalty to a mob like family, and total and mindless allegiance to a foreign power. These faults have led to the notorious Inquisition which killed more innocent people than Auschwitz and the Soviet gulag combined. Not to mention the murder of Pope John Paul I and many other crimes.
Racism and bigotry are evils that will destroy this great country of ours, and when this prejudice blinds people to the courage and great political skill of our new president it makes me sick. These people should be excluded from the debate. They have nothing to offer except bigotry, prejudice and fear. They are stirring up division and strife. Their racism is dangerous and they must be watched and monitored, controlled and locked up by the powers that be lest we lose our freedom.
Todd Unctuous is forty two. For more information on Todd go here.