The latest comment from our MSM pundit Todd Unctuous

Sometimes its right to be angry. I’m not a religious person myself, but I’ve heard it called ‘righteous indignation’. That’s when a person gets angry about equal rights being violated. That’s how I feel when I hear that the Pope in Rome has turned down Caroline Kennedy’s application to be American Ambassador to the Vatican City.

Who does this German born, former Nazi who will be eighty-two next week think he is? Caroline Kennedy is a woman who lost her father at a very early age in tragic circumstances that we all know about in Houston, Texas in 1963. She suffered along with her beautiful mother and handsome brother, and then her mother married a Greek millionaire who was shorter than her. That could not have been easy for her. Coming from a deprived background has given her low self esteem. Finally, after a lifetime in which she has never really been able to accomplish very much she gets a big chance. She is asked to be ambassador to the Vatican. Then Pope Ratzi Nazi says, “No.”
He is clearly not a very compassionate person or he would not be so discourteous to one of the most lovely ladies in America, one who has suffered much, and who despite all the problems, has always remained a devout Catholic. Is this how she is to be rewarded for all these years as a devout Catholic? People say she should toe the line and parrot all the things the pope in Rome tells her to say. But that is not freedom of speech. If she believes women have the right to a choice whether to end their pregnancy or not, then she has the right to say so. Instead her human rights are being violated and she is being silenced by the same church who used the Inquisition to torture people and silence them so long ago.
They are doing the same thing to another courageous leader. Britain’s Tony Blair was, many people say, England’s own JFK. He was handsome and smart and had a wife and young children. He was not assassinated, but now he is being criticized by the so-called ‘faithful’ Catholics just because he expressed an opinion which differs from the Pope in Rome. Tony thinks the Catholic Church should be compassionate towards homosexual people and re-think their position. He only wants the Catholic Church to move with the times a bit more. What on earth is wrong with that?? Perhaps if the Pope in Rome listened to Tony they might start filling their churches again. After all, Tony re-invented the old fashioned British Labour Party and got them elected.
Tony and his lovely wife Cherie should be rewarded for being good Catholics instead of punished. Tony took a brave step of faith in becoming a Catholic last year, and look at the sort of welcome he gets! A slap in the face.

I say let Tony get to work on the Catholic Church! He’d make it ‘New Catholicism’. He’d give us hope instead of the Pope. If only he and Caroline Kennedy could join forces with Joe Biden and Cherie…who knows they might even convert Bill and Hilary Clinton.

Now there would be a ‘dream team’ for the Catholic Church!
Todd Unctuous is forty two