Guest blogger, MSM reporter Todd Unctuous opines on Sarah Palin

By now we are used to the technique of politicians who want to be elected to a high office writing a book about their life. If they have already become famous the book sells many copies and then the person becomes more famous. This technique has been around since the greatest American president, JFK wrote Profiles in Courage. It was also used by President Calvin Coolidge when he composed his memoirs, Fewer Words Were Never Spoken, and our present head of State President Barack Obama has also written books about his struggle to achieve greatness. Jimmy Carter, who was another fine president also wrote a book called, Plains Speaking, and his brother Southerner Bill Clinton is remembered for his memorable memoir, What Is the Meaning of Is?

Now this once noble form of communication is being dragged through the mud by the woman who quit her job as Alaska’s governor just when the going got tough. Lured by a multi million dollar book deal, and an invitation to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show, Sarah Palin quit her job serving the people of Alaska to hit the book signing circuit. I wish I could compare her book to the moving and inspiring memoirs of President Barack Obama, who wrote Voyage Around My Father and I Did it My Way, but from what I have heard the whole book is about her. This self centered person has written all about her life because she thinks we care!

Let’s just reveal for a moment the amazing inaccuracies in this volume. Sarah the Moosehunter says that when her family played the famous word game Scrabble that they were all busy hoarding ‘Ks’ and ‘Qs’ to string them together to make high scoring words. First of all this reveals the cut throat ambitious nature of the Palin brood, and if they would stoop so low to cheat at a family board game, why could we trust them in the highest office of the land? Furthermore, we know that there is only one ‘K’ and one ‘Q’ in the Scrabble game. Clearly Sarah (I can see Russia from my backyard) Palin knows about as much about Scrabble as she does international relations.

I dislike personal attacks and passing on snide jokes, but I can say that a friend of mine joked that the only ‘international relations’ Sarah Palin knows are her half breed family. This is the kind of joke no serious and professional journalist should write and I disapprove of this just as I do the constant reminders that Sarah Palin’s daughter was thought to be the  mother of her disabled ‘son’ and that the poor girl is now a single teenaged mother. These scurrilous facts should not influence what we think of Sarah Palin and it is not right for journalists to keep writing about them.

Finally, Sarah Palin stoops to a new low on her much vaunted ‘Going Rogue’ book tour. The promoters of the tour say she is travelling on a bus painted with the book cover on it. Now we learn that she is actually using an airplane to travel! This is just another example of the ease with which this woman bends the truth. Not to mention the many facts in her book which were not correct. She said that she once won a spelling bee when she was ten years old, and the fact checkers in the media have learned that she was actually nine and a half. The other facts she has got wrong are too numerous to mention. When will this country wake up and realize that this unqualified woman who claims to be a ‘born again Christian’ is not truthful?

To conclude, we have to conclude that Sarah Palin looks pretty good in a pair of running shorts, but do we really want a sexist person to be President? All forms of sexism are totally offensive and just because she makes middle aged men feel young again, is that any reason to vote for her? Instead of female fluff we need substance and seriousness in a politician. We need someone like Joe Biden who knows what he is talking about. What we need in a woman president is someone like Hilary Clinton who looks like a librarian and dresses in sensible pantsuits and realizes that politics is more than glamor.

Todd Unctuous is forty two. For more information on one of America’s top political commentators go here.