One of the Protestant objections to the Catholic faith is that we make too much of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She looms large in their perception of Catholicism, and they believe that we value Mary more than her Son, and that we pay her far too much attention.

There are many theological replies that can be made, but a simple, practical reply is to suggest that the Protestant has this misunderstanding because he has never been a Catholic. They do not realize that for Catholics the central focus of everything is the Mass. When Catholics get together they may pray the rosary, but they are far more likely to celebrate Mass, and in the Mass the paschal mystery of Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension is the central focus of all.
At the Mass we focus on the old rugged cross, the pashcal mystery, the blood of Christ, the one, full, final sacrifice. Mary is always second to that. The problem is, without worshipping as a Catholic, without living the Catholic faith, this truth would remain invisible.