Triumphs and Tragedies – 1

The Introductory session of my twenty part series on the history of the Catholic Church.

This session opens with a discussion of why it is important to know history–especially if we are Catholic. It explains the format and opens with a short discussion on the historicity of the gospels.

Each session will give an overview of one century in church history–focussing on the corruption and heresies, but also on the saints who, by their lives and teachings countered the  problems.

I hope you enjoy Triumphs and Tragedies. I hope to record one session each week, but due to my busy schedule I may miss a few. Either way, tune in here on my blog, and you can also follow by subscribing at BreadBox Media and also by subscribing at my iTunes channel. Scroll down at BreadBox and click on my title page. Then choose Podbean and it will take you to the podcast. Subscriptions there and at iTunes are free, but with a subscription they send you updates when they come in.

The podcast is free whether you listen here or listen and download at iTunes or BreadBox, but for each episode there will be at least one blog post about the episode giving resources, some extra information and the chance to ask questions and comment in the comment box. These extra blog posts and material will be available in the Church History section of the area of the blog for  Donor Subscribers. Go here for the extra blog post on episode one.

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