1. An Amish elder was once visited by some city slickers who asked him why he didn’t have television. He stroked his beard, thought for a moment then asked them if they had seen anything on TV that week that they could recommend. There was an embarrassed silence. He’d made his point.David Palmer is a former Anglican priest who blogs from Britain. Check out his anthem for getting rid of your TV.

    I grew up without a television, and didn’t really miss Gilligan’s Island and The Beverly Hillbillies that much. We don’t have a television now, but we do have a nifty wide screen TV and home cinema. We use the screen for limited Playstation gaming and watching films.

    Ten Reasons for getting rid of the television:

  1. It saves money. You can cancel your cable subscription
  2. It gives you more time to pursue a creative hobby
  3. It gives you more time with people
  4. It restores your perspective on reality
  5. No TV helps to cleanse your imagination
  6. No TV means more silence (including visual silence)
  7. It’s counter cultural and radical (and this makes you feel good)
  8. It puts you in charge of the culture rather than the other way around
  9. You can still watch football at a friend’s house and this way you’ll strengthen your friendship (and drink his beer instead of yours)
  10. It gives you more time to pray.

Do you have television? Do you really need it? Have you recently or ever given up TV? What diference did it make? What are your thoughts?