This article from the Daily Telegraph  records the soaring rate of teen pregnancies in the UK. They have the highest rate of teenage girls getting pregnant in the developed world, and half of them now end by killing the baby.

The pro aborts actually say publicly that the 50% abortion rate is a good thing because the stigma of abortion is being lifted. Meanwhile the government ministers admit that the trend is ‘disturbing’ and believe the solution is yet more explicit sex education, more free condoms and other contraceptives.
It’s madness: Keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. “Oh. Throwing that gas on the fire didn’t make it go out!! I guess we didn’t throw enough. Let’s get that big barrel of gas over there and throw that on.”
Even accepting the premise that contraceptives are ok (which I don’t) the whole scheme is just about as stupid as stupid can be. Do these people not understand what it is like to be a teenager? Haven’t they read all the studies that explain how the male teen mind does not have the chemicals to adequately connect actions with consequences?
It was summed up by a friend of mine, “Geesh, my teenaged son can’t even put his socks in the laundry basket when he takes them off. Does anybody think he will remember to put on a doodad before jumping in the sack? Once he and the girl have had a couple of drinks the idea of responsibility is totally out the window.”