Sorry not much blogging this week. School ended and I’ve been sort of coasting. Mind in neutral, a few hours each day at school cleaning my office and desk, then chilling out at the pool.

I was tempted to buy a motorcycle this week, justifying it as a necessary extra form of transportation for our family, but reckon the money could be better spent on home improvements and maybe a nice piano for our daughter Madeleine, and maybe a toupee for me….
Batteries are now charged, and I’m ready to roll into summer. This week I’m going with Joseph Pearce to the Chesterton Conference in the twin cities. The week after that I’m off to El Salvador on the St Joseph’s School mission trip. In July I hope to attend the Anglican Use conference in San Antonio and then I’m camp chaplain for a week at Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga near Brevard, NC.
I’ve also got a list of stuff to write as long as my arm. Various articles that are on the ‘to do’ list and I’ve been encouraged to write my spiritual autobiography. It’s got the working title, There and Back Again. I’ve started it, but I’m always skeptical of the whole process of autobiography. How does one avoid either an ego trip or one of those false ego trips with loads of false modesty?