HillaryJennifer Rubin at the Washington Post today points out the obvious about Hillary: “Once again Democrats are reminded: The only thing Hillary Clinton stands for is getting Hillary Clinton elected.”

She goes on:

Obama and indeed all Democrats can never talk at length about poverty without making the discussion about inequality; it’s not enough to discover and combat the root causes of poverty — you have to take money away from the rich. (That we have spent trillions on poverty programs that haven’t worked suggests more money is not a panacea.) But who is the poster girl for cronyism, the 1 percent, the greed and refusing to play by the rules? Hint: She hasn’t driven her own car for decades. Yes, the more the liberals want to talk about inequality rather than opportunity the more incongruous it seems to have Clinton as the nominee.

The article is here, and is all the more powerful because it is written by a woman.