I haven’t been blogging for a while, and I wonder why. One of the reasons is simple: I have had some personal and family issues to deal with. They have occupied my mind and my time. I’ve also been working hard to finish Slubgrip Instructs — the sequel to The Gargoyle Code . But today I realize that there is another reason. Maybe I should give up reading hysterical Facebook stuff, but the temperature is rising in the culture wars, and I’m scared.

This week we’ve seen homosexual protesters screaming and shouting abuse at a Catholic Mass. At this Mass, celebrated by Cardinal George, a homosexual protester used the Holy Eucharist as a political tool to holler out  his rage at the Catholic Church. You can read about it here. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi publicly ridicules Fr Frank Pavone, calling his open letter stupid, hysterical and dismisses it as irrelevant. Meanwhile in Texas a group of pro abortion citizens, seeing that a bill was about to pass limiting abortion, disrupt the legal, legislative process with screaming, anger and rage and thus keep the bill from passing. Read about it here. Then, this morning we learn that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and homosexual ‘marriage’ in California cannot be challenged by the people.

The reason I’m scared is that the powers of the mass media and the state are lining up with the powers of the Culture of Death. The homosexualists and those who back abortion and a huge proportion of the American population who support their views are joined by an even larger proportion of the American population who are indifferent and who perceive liberty as letting everybody do whatever they want.

The mass media ignore the pro-life position or they mock it and undermine people like me as angry fundamentalists clinging to religion and guns. The mass media are lined up with the powers of the state to promote the agenda of the Culture of Death in a way that will over ride all democratic processes to impose the Culture of Death on all citizens. With “executive orders” avalanching from the White House, with increased surveillance and increased domestic police powers, and fueled with this rage, I’m scared. It will not take much at all to tip over into a secular totalitarian state with an aggressive Culture of Death agenda.

The reason I’m scared is that behind all of this is an irrational, demonic rage. This rage simmers behind the political arguments. It simmers beneath the “peaceful protests”. Most of all it simmers beneath what I call “the kindly mask of liberalism.” This is the smiling face of “concerned” citizens who are “saddened” by anyone who takes a conservative position. Poke their favorite cause a bit and these are the folks who come back whining about how “judgmental and harsh” one is being. These are the ones who put on their sad face and manage to summon up a wan and wounded smile with and promise in a self righteous tone to “pray for you.” Let’s call it like it is. These people are passive-aggressive. They bully you with a phoney nice-ness, but underneath is a simmering rage.

I’m scared because I think that rage is not going to remain behind the mask of nice-ness for long. We’re seeing that demonic rage lurking beneath the surface beginning to emerge, and when it does take cover. That’s why I’m scared, and that’s why I am very careful what I write on this blog–because I have already had threats from homosexualists that they know where I live and they are out to get me. I have already witnessed the burning acid of irrational rage against the Catholic Church in com boxes and in emails to a priest friend who dared to criticize Obama. I’ve already witnessed the howling, screaming rage against the truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic Church and her saints.

What I’ve seen reminds me of the sub human creatures, taken over by a virulent disease in the film I Am Legend.  The once human beings live like zombies in a half life–hiding by day and coming out on the rampage at night ready to kill and devour anyone who is still uninfected by their horrible disease.

That’s why I’m scared.

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