The Daily Telegraph reports the highest number of Britons leaving the UK for a century.

We’re among the number. What did we have in the UK?
I could write reams about our horror stories of local petty crime, drunkenness in the streets, appalling behavior in schools, sky rocketing prices for all things, astronomical taxes, total moral anarchy and widespread vandalism, boorishness, decadence and decay.
And what of the Church? Don’t get me started on the idiocy of the Catholic hierarchy, stupidity and lack of initiative amongst fellow Catholics, corruption, ignorance and complacency amongst ordinary Catholics. There were a few hot spots in the English Catholic Church–but the emphasis is on the ‘few’, and the ones that were alive were consistently ignored, marginalized and excluded by the Catholic powers that be.
Combine that with the class system–boorish snobs on the top and boorish yobs on the bottom–and it doesn’t make a pretty picture.
Underneath it all is the nihilism, despair and pessimism that comes with practical atheism.
There is much that I love in Britain, and I have chronicled it elsewhere. There is much I dislike about USA, but on the whole, I’m glad I lived for 25 years in England. It is a wonderful country, but I’m even more glad to be out.