Women Priests?

Women Priests?

My latest article for CRUX is posted here. It discusses the new wave of Catholic feminists and their response to the “closed door” on women’s ordination.

In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis recognized the “many women who share pastoral responsibilities with priests, helping guide people, families, and groups, and offering new contributions to theological reflection.”

In her recent book, Mary Rice Hasson, fellow in the Catholic Studies Program of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, quotes Agnese Camilli, “Women increasingly outnumber men on Church marriage tribunals, serving as auditors, notaries, and defenders of the bond.”

The Vatican has also appointed women not only to serve on pontifical councils, but to hold leadership positions. Women increasingly serve on Vatican commissions, and on boards of pontifical universities in administrative and managerial positions.

Responding to Pope Francis’ call for “a profound theology of womanhood” the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington co-sponsored a symposium on women last April. The gathering brought together 38 outstanding Catholic scholars, thinkers, and Church leaders in order to probe more fully the meaning of complementarity in the Church.

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