Standing on My Head has moved from Patheos.

This is the new home.

I have to be honest. I got rather tired of all the ads at Patheos. Try as I might, it was difficult to avoid the temptation to write for page views. (I got paid by page views) and when that happens sometimes you lose your personal voice a bit to try to get readers interested.

Certain things I liked (and readers liked) about the blog drifted away. The alter egos–which were fun to write and were entertaining–disappeared. The comments box had to be closed because trolls were not only being mean, rude and ugly and threatening the happy little goats, but people realized I had a big audience and started using my combox as their soapbox.

Not good.

So this home for Standing on My Head will return to being more personal both for me and for my readers.

I expect the Vicar, Mantilla the Hon, Duane Mandible and others will join the new alter ego, Fr Harvey Nicolaitan SJ.

The comments box is back, but it will only be for donor-subscribers. This is to encourage a community feel, and to provide a partition from just any old person to come in and stir things up. I’ll still reserve the right, of course, to edit, cut or ban offensive stuff, but we’ll see how it goes.

The donor-subscription service helps me pay for hosting and web design fees, keeps the site ad-free and helps the Longenecker family budget. I don’t receive any more than a diocesan priest, so with a couple of college aged kids we need to bring in a little more and your donor-subscription fees will help. You can learn more about subscribing here.

If you become a donor-subscriber, in addition to the comments box you will have access to the “archived articles” section where I will be posting an increasing number of my archived articles on a whole range of subjects that have been published in different journals, websites etc.

If you have ideas and suggestions about how the site can be improved or if the site isn’t working quite right please let me know using the contact page.

Thanks for being here!