There’s a joke going around that Justice Amy Coney Barrett should be called “Amy Grin and Bear It” for the ordeal she has had to put up with these past two days. I was only able to catch about a half hour of the hearings yesterday and today, but Wow! What an amazing woman!

She was able to answer the questions with patience and poise, with great skill, knowledge and insight…and without notes, an assistant whispering instructions or lapses of memory or drawing a blank.

I think the Democrats were much more restrained and orderly than they were for the Kavanaugh hearings because they knew how it would backfire if they were seen to be attacking not only a woman, but a woman of such obvious integrity. How could they attack a mother with seven kids–most of them seated behind her?

They could not only not attack her in a rabid manner because they knew how it would play, but also because they really had nothing to attack her with. Her record, it would seem, is faultless, her credentials of the highest rank, her intellect and knowledge stunning, and she not only handled the questions with aplomb, she did so without coming across as arrogant, condescending or patronizing.

I took some time to read the remarks on Twitter against her and they were not only poisonous, they were absurd. Most of the haters said she had a “little girl voice” which was obnoxious and terrifying, that she used the little girl voice to appeal to men and show she was submissive to them….and other stupid and insulting comments of a similar nature. The craziest were from the feminists who attacked her appearance. Her dress was dowdy or prim. She wasn’t dressed professionally. She had frizzy hair. “Didn’t she know how to use conditioner?”

Then they attacked her kids. They were just props. She was pretending. She was not only a fake, but a frightening, fundamentalist church girl fake.

And so on and so forth.

Clearly what the radical progressives can’t stand is that she beats all of them at their own game. She is a woman at the very top of her profession, indeed at the very top of America society. She has shattered the glass ceiling and done so while also staying married to the same man, having five kids and adopting two more. The Clintons were going to help the poor people of Haiti? The talk was that their wonderful foundation never sent much money to Haiti and what they did send got frittered away. Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Barrett just rolled up their sleeves and did what they could with what they had where they were.

They made a lifetime commitment. That’s what adopting kids involves.

On top of everything else they made that extra lifetime commitment.

This is the kind of Catholic witness this country and our church needs. More Catholics like Amy Coney Barrett…not the hypocrites in the corrupt hierarchy and amongst the clergy, not the hypocrite politicians who vaunt their Catholicism while backing abortion and same sex marriage. Not the clergy who cut their sails to the winds of worldly wisdom.

Just Catholics who do what we’re supposed to do and don’t show off about it.