Not a boring person

Not a boring person

It occurred to me the other day that one of the things that is so unattractive about atheism is that it is well, just so dead boring.

It really is just such a yawn.

I’m sure there are some fascinatingly fun atheists out there, but I have yet to meet one.

They’re all so serious all the time. So unimaginative. So pedantic and  literal and dull.

I mean, what can be more tiresome than someone who’s always rabbiting on about “Facts” or “Evidence” or “Arguments for the Existence of God…”

In comparison, consider how very, very interesting religion is.

In religion you have curious things like happy little elephant gods or those holy water bottles with Mary and the crown unscrews at the top.

I mean Hindus have festivals where they fly kites and light lanterns and douse each other with paint. They swim naked in the Ganges and say its something holy–and are they wrong?

We’re not far behind. Think of the Catholics. Especially the ones in Spain. They have that huge tomato fight every year and chase bulls around in the street. We carry statues of the Madonna through the streets and have parades and dress up. That’s pretty much fun.

We have Christmas with all that good stuff like presents and St Nicholas and Black Peter and we have Easter with big candles and eggs and a very long service at night in candlelight.

The Jews have fun too. They have festivals with lots of good food and laughter and dancing and the guys let their hair grow in those crazy curls on their head and they have hats. Very good hats. We have hats too. Continue Reading

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