Four articles are loaded up today in the ever increasing Archived Articles section of the blog. These are articles I have written over the years for a range of publications, magazines, papers, journals and websites.

The categories of articles are listed at the bottom of the home page and include Apologetics, Film and Television, Culture and History, Liturgy, Benedictine Spirituality in the Suburban Hermit blog and more.

One of the categories is The Quest for the Creed. As I load more archived articles I am also loading, chapter by chapter, the entire text of my book The Quest for the Creed. 

I describe this book as “twenty short chapters on the Apostles’ Creed written in a creative Chestertonian spirit.” This book will give you a fresh look at your faith and it connects with my attempts to write about the faith in a creative and surprising style. I always try to avoid churchy language, jargon and any sort of references that don’t do much more than put people off.

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Here are the this week’s special articles:

Fourteen Marks of Authority – Where does one turn for the answers? There are seven pairs of attributes which one needs for authentic authority. This short article in the Apologetics section outlines them.

Blind Benjamin Franklin – Was Benjamin Franklin a Christian? Well not really. More of a Freemason Deist. This article springboards from Ben Franklin to consider the relationship between faith and reason

I Believe…The Man From Missouri – Chapter One of The Quest for the Creed. 

The Cinema and the Cave – Movies are where we tell stories today and Plato’s allegory of the cave provides an interesting way to think about the importance of the screen in today’s culture or communication.

Stay tuned to the blog and podcasts. Now that I have completed the podcast audiobook of Hilaire Belloc’s Characters of the Reformation I am going to produce a new podcast which is a chapter by chapter discussion of John Allen’s book The Future Church. 

I’m highlighting this book because, in the present crisis in the church there is a lot of confusion and bewilderment. That is because we are going through a transition and whenever change happens we feel threatened and inclined to take refuge in “the same old thing”. Allen’s book charts ten trends in the Catholic church, and although his book is now ten years old, it is a good source to understand which way the church and where the Spirit is moving. I hope you will tune in to the podcasts and share my enthusiasm for the future.

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