I went into school as a ‘Man in Black’ for the first time yesterday. The kids were enthusiastic. One sixteen year old girl squealed, ‘Doesn’t he look cute??!!’ A seventh grade boy had attended the ordination the night before and said, ‘Fr Dwight, that Mass was awesome! That part where you were on the floor and they were singing in Latin, that was like we were in heaven!!’

Don’t tell me ‘the young’ all want praise and worship music at Mass. Our teens love a liturgy celebrated with mystery, honor, dignity and love.

My Protestant brother in law ‘got it’ too. He said about the litany of the saints, ‘We were in heaven at that point right?’ I nodded, ‘You got it.’

Don’t underestimate the power and the glory of the liturgy done well. It saves souls, brings people back to God, reconciles lost sheep and proclaims the mystery of faith.