I reported last week on the continuing problems in the worldwide Anglican communion. The Washington Times and New York Times have both picked up the story.

The Falls Church Rector, John Yates, talks about the ship of the Anglican Church breaking up and how they are looking for lifeboats. What a shame conservative Evangelical Anglicans can’t see the great cruise liner the Barque of Peter steaming their way on a rescue mission.

If these dear separated brethren, whom we love and have so much in common with, would invest a fraction of the time they spend looking for some sort of new schismatic solution, and instead seriously consider what separates them from the Catholic Church they might find a more wonderful solution than they ever dreamed of.

Evangelical Anglicans are good, sincere and faithful people. They should stop and take time to reconsider their sincere objections to the Catholic faith. It may be easier for them to come home to Rome than they imagine. Why can’t they spend their effort, thought, prayer and discussion trying to overcome their difficulties with Catholicism instead of trying to create yet another Protestant sect?

The fact of the matter is, according to our own Catholic teaching, far from unchurching them we long for their re-union with us. We are the poorer for their absence. We need their love of Christ, their love of evangelisation, their love of the Scriptures, their love of liturgy and their great traditions of spirituality.

The Catholic Church has opened wide the doors.

Anglicans looking for lifeboats…look again at the pastoral provision, the Anglican Use possibilities. Do not look so much at what you disagree with, but look at what you agree with and love about the Catholic Church. Then consider seriously the things with which you disagree. Be objective. Look at the Catholic Church as she is today…not as she was four hundred years ago. Look at the Catholic Church as it can be with your input and all your gifts. Look at the unity and joy we can share together.

Most of all, pray, pray, pray, and ask if this may not be one of the ways to strengthen the whole Church of Christ in our time!
Hurry home!