Some of my readers will have picked up from Twitter and from a blog post yesterday that at the end of January I suffered a slight stroke. My left side was weakened and my typing skills are inhibited

However, I have learned that my laptop has a Dictation facility, and I am learning to use it. You’ve heard about the dictator ship of relativism
I am now calling myself the dictator of anti-relativism.

In January I finished my next book which is called “Beheading Hydra” which outlines 16 different isms in our society which are different forms of atheism. The second Half of the book explains what we can do about it. This book comes out in June from Sophia Institute Press and I hope it’s going to do a lot of good.

I have been speaking on this topic at parish missions for some time and thought I should put my ideas together into one volume for
a wide audience.

During my convalescence over the last few weeks I have been catching up on reading, resting and the rosary.One of the memorable phrases that came up in my reading was “Mary is the neck of the Body-the Church– because she connects the Head 9Christ) with the rest of the Body. If Mary is the neck, the Rosary is her necklace I guess.