The Benedictine monk divides his life into three parts: Work, Prayer and Reading. This gives a balance between the three aspects of life: Active, Spiritual and Intellectual. By developing all three the monk allows God to form and re-form his body, his mind and his spirit.

For laypeople it is a reminder that we need to develop balance in our own lives between body, mind and spirit. Are you an intellectual bookish type who likes to read blogs? Get out more. Get some exercise, do some manual work, and don’t forget to pray and listen to music and gaze at art.

Do you pray a lot and like to spend time in spiritual puruits? Do you love music, fine art and poetry? Study the Bible. Learn a language. Read some theology. Think, and don’t forget to go for a walk or do some gardening or take up a sport.

Are you active? Do you spend time in volunteer work, sports and the active life? Then learn to pray more. Get alone with God. Listen to classical music, go to an art gallery, and don’t forget to curl up with a good book now and again.
And whoever you are…learn to cook and enjoy good food.