confusedWhat is it with bigotry?

This week I’ve had people blaming whole groups for the crimes of a few.

I’ve had Christians saying, “The Jews killed Jesus.”

I’ve had Jews saying, “Catholics hate Jews because they say Jews killed Jesus.”

I’ve had Christians saying, “Muslims are terrorists.”

Stop. These accusations are stupid and dangerous.

The Jews didn’t kill Jesus. Some bad Jews killed Jesus.

Muslims aren’t terrorists. Some bad Muslims are terrorists.

Christians don’t hate Jews. Some bad Christians hate Jews.

This is a logical error on the level of “All Cadillacs are cars therefore all cars are Cadillacs.”

By all means criticize the teachings of Islam. Analyze and criticize the teachings of Catholicism. Pick through the teachings of Judaism. All of that is good and fair discussion.

By all means criticize the particular actions of particular Jews, Muslims and Christians to see if they live up to the teachings of their religion.

By all means discuss the failures, foibles, crimes and misdemeanors of the leaders of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

But rise above the temptation to say “The Jews killed Jesus. Catholics hate and kill Jews and Muslims are terrorists.”

Treat others as you would like to be treated and avoid violence of word and thought as much as you would abhor physical violence.