Where I Blog

Where I Blog

I can hardly believe that I have been blogging at Standing on My Head for nearly ten years.

I got started when we moved to the USA when blogging was a fairly new phenomenon, and I started blogging in order to publish stuff that I wanted to write that wouldn’t get published anywhere else.

I’ve seen the blog grow in readership and learned some tricks of the blogging art as the new medium developed.

Things within blogging have shifted during that time. We’ve seen blogs become more commercialized. I came to realize that one of the strengths of blogging was that it was instant, opinionated and global. It is therefore an ideal medium for comment on current events, news, cultural items and controversies.

There is still room, of course, for lots of other content which is not current and controversial and cultural, but blog audiences are shifting and blog capabilities are shifting.

Therefore there is going to be some shifting on this blog too.

Standing on My Head will move in two directions: first I will focus increasingly on this blog on the cultural, contemporary, controversial and current news. The aim is to stand things on their head and bring a faithful Catholic voice to certain news items–hoping to stand preconceived ideas (both conservative and liberal) on their heads with a dose of common sense Catholic truth.

My more personal stuff on spirituality, apologetics, Catholic theology, spirituality, liturgy will shift over to my new personal blog–The Suburban Hermit with published links between the two blogs.

This accomplishes a couple of things: it helps me organize my thoughts and direct my writing to more specific audiences. It also helps to spread my reach a bit further to wider audiences–allowing Standing on My Head to be less specifically Catholic and religious while allowing The Suburban Hermit to specialize in that direction.

I hope readers connect with this plan and find it useful.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support and friendship I’ve gained through this blog over the years.