vote-buttonSince I seem to be equally negative about all the candidates, some people have said, “OK, Father. Who would you vote for?”

The presidential candidate I would vote for would have these policies:

1. A  universal health insurance plan collected at the state level and administered at the county level.

2. A military policy based strictly on self defense. We keep a strong military presence to defend against anyone who tries to attack our country. We don’t invade other countries. At all. Ever.

3. An intelligence policy that repudiates torture and is based solely on self defense.

4. A state funded voucher based education system from kindergarten through college.

5. A minimum living wage.

6. Better tax breaks for high earners who donate to bona fide charities

7. No medical charges for childbirth or infant intensive care.

8. No abortion. Free adoption. Subsidies for couples who adopt.

9. Investment in rehabilitation for prisoners

10. Corrupt politicians go to jail….with their corrupt bankers.

11. Separation of civil unions from religious marriage ceremonies.

12. Subsidies for stay at home moms or dads.

13. Policies based on compassion and forgiveness rather than political correctness.

14. A secure and straightforward way for illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship.

15. Secure borders based on self defense and a process to assist and control immigration

16.  Funding for infrastructure improvements and maintenance

17. Increased funding for national, state and local parks.

18. Tax cuts for everybody.

For those who are worried about how these things will be funded–think of the money we’ll save by having a military policy that is based only in self defense. The price of one whizz bang fighter plane would probably pay for several hospitals or schools.

Since I am a completely naive person when it comes to politics you are welcome to disagree with all or any of these proposals…

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