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This blog used to be hosted at Patheos, but I created my own site because I wanted to get away from the increased commercialism. I also wanted to return to the more personal and relational style that I first had when blogging. As the readership increased at Patheos we lost the personal contact. I had to close the comments box because there were simply too many comments to moderate and extremists were using my combox as their soapbox.

Having a subscription gateway helps us return to that smaller, more personal blog. The main blog posts will still be free for everyone to read. My archived material from Patheos is now here, and will also be free. However there is a donor-subscriber section. You can support this blog and enjoy extra content at two different levels. Check it out here to see what is reserved for donor-subscribers.

My blog, writing and speaking is my contribution to the New Evangelization. I encourage you to subscribe to help keep me blogging. Your subscription fee helps me pay for the design, maintenance, promotion and hosting costs of this website, and helps the Longenecker family budget.

Thanks again for visiting and God bless you.

Standing on My Head

“A scene is often most clearly seen when it is seen upside down.” G.K.Chesterton

Three Way Transubstantiation

August 2nd, 2019|

One of the things that convinced me of the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation is that it matched up with everything else. in fact, there was a kind of Trinitarian unity: Three aspects of the

The Way of St Benedict – Stability

August 1st, 2019|

Rod Dreher's book The Benedict Option has brought light to the contribution and possibilities of the Benedictine way of life to a wider audience, but it is important to understand the foundations of Benedictine spirituality. It

The Monastic Refectory

July 31st, 2019|

I spotted this picture on Twitter and reminded me of all the monasteries I've visited. It also reminded me of my ever present resolution to write more posts for The Suburban Hermit-- the Benedictine

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