I travel to Newark this week to Immaculate Conception Seminary for my final ordination examination. Prayers please!

When I was taking the written exams some weeks ago my brother phoned and said, “I’m praying to the Cure d’Ars for you!”

“Thanks. The Cure d’Ars was holy, but he wasn’t real smart. Could you switch over to Thomas Aquinas?”

One of our own bright saints at St Joseph’s, Dr Devanny, reminded me that St Joseph Cupertino (who could have taught Sally Field a thing or two about flying) was also not one of heaven’s scholars. He was so ignorant he was rejected from being a friar three times. Happily, a friendly cardinal waved him through the ordination exam.

On reflection, maybe it’s the Cure d’Ars and Joseph of Cupertino I do need on my side. If they could get through the ordination exam they’ll be able to help me.