The sight of Catholic cardinals scrambling over themselves to chase the spirit of the age is not only disconcerting–its ridiculous and sad.

In this headline Canada’s Cardinal Ouellet tells us that the Church “needs women to fight clericalism and extreme masculinity”

OK. Let us not jump to conclusions based on the headline.

In his address to the synod members Oct. 18, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, said he agreed with the working document’s assertion that there sometimes is “an ecclesial inability to recognize, welcome and foster the creativity of the ‘feminine genius.'”

“The participation of authoritative women in the discussion has shown us that it is possible and necessary to accelerate the processes of struggle against the ‘machista’ culture and clericalism, to develop respect for women and the recognition of their charisms as well as their equal integration in the life of society and the church,” the cardinal said.

Once again our prelates seem deaf to the real problem in the church and are taking the ostrich position.

Headlines are screaming about homosexual priests who have been abusing teens, cardinals jumping into bed with seminarians, a homosexual subculture in seminaries and religious houses, drug fueled gay orgies in the Vatican, a Vatican appointed communications guru who is a global advocate for active gay life, parishes with “LGBTQ ministries” that have socials at gay clubs, cardinals and archbishops endorsing dissident gay rights groups… and we have a problem of toxic masculinity in the priesthood?

Most of the priests I know are good guys, but I wouldn’t say they are exactly Reverend Rambo.

If there is a problem in the church today along these lines it is probably exactly the opposite: the over feminization of the church. With puppies and kittens catechesis, a nauseating over emphasis on emotion and the dictatorship of sentimentality, the church is wallowing in the sappiest form of “feminine genius.”

The second problem is the cardinal’s perceived lack of “the feminine genius” in the church. For heaven’s sake, the Catholic Church has always venerated the Blessed Virgin as the highest and holiest of the created order and preached time and again that she was the model of holiness for both men and women.

This kind of feminine genius–as opposed to the sickly sentimental type–is strong and confident in her femininity. This feminine genius is not lacking in the church. In fact these women make up the greatest among the saints and in the church today they play strong and positive roles.

The third bit of prelatical lunacy is the idea that women are somehow not active or influential in the church today. I believe it was that intrepid reporter John Allen who once gathered the statistics and pointed out that, in fact, the Catholic Church employs far more women proportionally than most organizations. Neither are the women simply washing dishes, making lunch and wiping kiddies’ noses and bottoms. They are in leadership roles.

The serve as parish administrators, accountants, principals and teachers. They serve as diocesan chancellors, architects, advancement directors, counselors, spiritual directors and canon lawyers. They serve as theologians, seminary professors, psychologists and physicians. The list could go on.

Despite all this we continue to hear about the neglect of women, the abuse of women and the Catholic Church’s “macho culture.”

This constant whine is, of course, the continuing undercurrent to demand women’s ordination.

That’s what it is really about.

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