This week three more articles are loaded into the Archived Articles section of the blog.

They are:

Downton Abbey: The Fairytale – In the Film and Television section, this column shows why Downton Abbey was such a roaring success: it’s a fairytale

Conversion or Conquest looks at the nature of radical Islam and what can be done about it

Is Married Priests the Answer?  this column reflects on my own experience as a married priest and wonders whether a change in the mandatory celibacy rule might help

In addition to these three articles for Donor Subscribers,  I have spent some time this week categorizing the huge Patheos archive which we have brought over from the Patheos site. I still keep a presence there and post there about once a week. If you want to read any past article you can go the the Patheos site by clicking the link in the right sidebar of the home page here, and once you go there you can search the blog or you can browse by category or date by scrolling to the bottom of any blog post there. The Patheos archive is free for all who go there.

The reason I have categorized some of the archived Patheos material here is to make searching for those articles easier for Donor Subscribers. So, for example, if people liked my alter egos and would like to be entertained by the incorrigible Catholic terror child, they can go to the new Categories box in the right sidebar and click on “Caitlin O’Rourke” and read all the archived posts. There are 164 of them gathering together all the alter egos!

There are also nearly 40 Bible study archived posts and 40 apologetics posts. In other words, a pretty big selection of increased content for Donor Subscribers.

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In the Fall we’ll be at our first anniversary for the new blog-website. I’ve had excellent feedback from folks so far. Before long I’ll be introducing a new level of Donor Subscriber: Podcast Subscriber. By then I will have built up a good level of content and will be producing more. Full Donor Subscribers will have access to this level, but those who wish to support at a lower level and still get good archived podcast content will be able to do so.

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