The chaos of 2020 has spawned a pandemic of its own: a pandemic of conspiracy theories:

COVID-19 is caused by 5G technology not really caused by it but the radiation makes you weaker and it was all fake in the first place put there by the mainstream media who are controlled by globalists and jews and communists and another thing is that they already have a cure with hydroxychloroquine and zinc but they’re telling us it doesn’t work because they want to get rid of trump and big pharma want to roll out an expensive vaccination and when they do your cell phone is going to be used to trace you and they already know where you are and what you’re doing and you don’t even know that big brother is watching everything you do already and Bill Gates is using his computer technology empire to bring about a United Nations European Union for the whole world and the pope is also involved with sankt gallen mafia who are part of a homosexual network involved with the occult and did you know that hand washing wearing a mask and social distancing are actually part of ancient occult rituals which connect back with the all seeing eye of horus and donald trump will soon become a catholic because his wife is a devout catholic but she doesn’t talk about it much because twitter and facebook and instagram are all shutting her down and you don’t know it and can’t see it and that proves the point at how effective they are being and the vaccination is going to come and everybody will have to have it because they are going to inject a microchip into your hand so it will be the mark of the beast and you won’t be able to buy anything because it will be a cashless society soon and have you noticed the so called coin shortage in stores so they are getting ready to shift to a cashless one world monetary system and if you don’t have cash you money is just number on a bank computer somewhere which means they can wipe it out with the flick of a switch and your money will just disappear and the chinese control zoom did you know that? and they are watching every zoom meeting because the globalist power will have a religious aspect to it also and that is why bergoglio was elected because he is being set up as the prophet for the antichrist who will come after the great warning which will be seen by all people but in their soul and not with their real eyes and the rapture will then take place…

I could write like that for another few paragraphs, but my fingers are tired…

Why the sudden surge of conspiracy theories? It’s part of the curse of relativism. Relativism says there is no such thing as truth or if there is you can’t know it and state it clearly. The result of this is a widespread fuzziness about truth and even more widespread lies and half truths. The lies and half truths have been worming their way through our society for a long time now and we’ve been turning a blind eye to it. The lies have proliferated in the media, in academia and in ordinary conversation. Lies, lies, lies. And what happens when we live in a culture of deception? What happens when you lie? Soon you have lost all trust. When everybody is lying you don’t know who to believe or what to believe.

How have we been lying? We lie about sexuality. We lie about our wealth and where it comes from. We lie about our religion making into something other than it really is. We lie about ourselves believing ourselves to be better than we are. We lie about our country. Our whole society is one big artificial Disneyland one big fake. The air we breathe is infected with lies, and this atmosphere of deception has reached a fever pitch and conspiracy theories and chaos are the result.

Why? First because lies lead to chaos. Nobody knows what to believe and in their unhappiness they blame others, nurse their resentment and it ends in boiling chaos and anarchy. On the other hand, people cannot live in an atmosphere of lies. They need some certainty. They need to know truth and their busy minds, searching for some truth, searching for answers, searching for some reason in the irrationality and some purpose in the chaos latch onto conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories help people make sense of the chaos. Conspiracy theories offer a clear answer for the problems and a clear object on which to attach blame. It really doesn’t matter what the conspiracy theory is, as long as it provides that necessary structure and format to help the person make sense of the confusing, complicated and chaotic world.

And boy, do conspiracy theories sell! Check out the viewing figures for the folks who are selling conspiracy theories. One Catholic conspiracy theory guy brags about having 1.3 million views of one of his YouTube videos and his most recent video has garnered 85,000 views in two days. Wow!

What’s the answer to the chaos and conspiracy theories?

Why not try a bit of good old fashioned common sense? Firstly, let’s adjust our expectations. Are we experiencing a time of social unrest, church upheaval, disturbing news and confusing reports? Sure. Read some history. It has been the same in every age in one way or another. That’s life. Are the times confusing? Is it difficult to know who to trust? This is not new. Many people before us have lived through times that have been much more unsettling, confusing and frightening. Their times were also roiling with rumors of war, disaster, plague, famine and fear. Is their corruption and immorality in the halls of the Vatican? Of course. That’s the case in every religion. What did you expect?  Are rich and powerful people plotting for world control? Of course. That’s what rich and powerful people do. That’s what they’ve done since the Tower of Babel. Are there spiritual forces plotting for global control and to rule the whole world in a clenched fist of power? Of course. We know this from the Scriptures. Satan and his minions have always been working behind the scenes to control this world.

Common sense and courage are required. Common sense to realize that this is the way of the world and not to be afraid. Common sense to see what is happening, entertain conspiracy theories if it interests you but then step back and say, “What can I do about it where I am with what I have?” Common sense and courage require each person to live one day at a time, putting their trust in the Lord and focussing on what really matters: Loving God and loving our neighbor.

When we live with this courage and common sense it’s amazing what peace we find. The storms around us rage, but our house is built on a rock. We get up in the morning, we say our prayers and we go about our business with simplicity and trust remembering that we are not to worry and wallow in fear and that we should take no thought for tomorrow because there are enough things to worry about on my list of things to do today.

I recorded my twenty three part podcast series Triumphs and Tragedies to help folks learn some church history. There is basically one episode per century of church history. Listening to it will help put things in perspective. Go here for more information.