Known by her enemies as “Bloody Mary”, Queen Mary Tudor was the daughter of Henry VIII and his true wife Queen Catherine of Aragon. She came to the throne after the short reign of her half brother- the sickly boy Edward VI – son of Henry and wife number three, Jane Seymour.

Hilaire Belloc is, of course, sympathetic to Mary Tudor–who is so often portrayed as a fanatical monster. The podcast is available now for Donor Subscribers. To listen go here. It is also published at BreadBox Media here where you can listen free of charge, but on the free channels you will also get sponsorship ads. Here on the blog the podcast series is free of ads and will be archived permanently.

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Why listen to church history podcasts? Because we are in a crisis time in the church right now in which politics, morality, money and power are all mixed up with religion and when we learn more about church history we see that it has always been so, and it helps us to see true priorities and how to handle the present situation. Remember the old saw, “Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are bound to repeat them.”

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