A ruling from the Church of England encourages teachers in Church of England schools to embrace the transgender agenda.

This article from London’s Daily Telegraph reports the news.

Primary school boys should be allowed to wear tutus and high heels if they want to, the Church of England has said in its first guidance for teachers on transgender issues.

Children should not be restricted by their gender when dressing up, and girls should be able to wear a tool belt and fireman’s helmet if they choose, the document says.

The guidance for teachers in Church of England schools, endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, says that children “should be at liberty to explore the possibilities of who they might be without judgement or derision”.

But of course the Church of England would go down this route. In 1992 they voted to allow women to be ordained as priests.

Am I the only one who is connecting the dots here?

A friend of mine who was a Church of England vicar for many years told me that in the Church of England vicarages now you can find virtually any permutation of marriage that you now find in society.

You will find vicarages and Bishops palaces where the incumbent is divorced and remarried or married to a divorced person. Single mothers who are vicars, gay vicars who are “married” to their boyfriend, male vicars who have switched and are now female vicars. Female vicars who have switched and are now male vicars, lesbians shacked up in the vicarage with their girlfriend or “wife” and every other possible permutation.

When the Church of England decided to ordain women as priests they were not just establishing equal rights or being up to date. They were demolishing the age old iconography of the complementary relationship between male and female which existed within Christian marriage and which also existed in the parish with the tradition of male only priesthood.

With the disintegration of male only priesthood in the Church of England the traditional values of marriage, human sexuality and the family were also undermined.

Now the Church of England embraces the transgender agenda. This makes perfect sense.

When a church demolished clear gender roles in demolishing the male only priesthood this is the logical outcome. If you decide to ordain women as priests and thus mix it all up, don’t be surprised when your children and grandchildren are uncertain what a man is or what a woman is.

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