This Anglican blogger muses here on the possibility that the Church of England will, before too long, be publishing a liturgy for prayers at the bedside of those who have embraced a compassionate death…That would be euthanasia or voluntary suicide.

“Come now,” I hear you chortle, “Let’s be realistic and just a little bit charitable towards our Anglican brothers and sisters. Surely such a thing is unthinkable!?”
Uhh. Priestesses were unthinkable. Services of blessings after divorce and remarriage were unthinkable. Blessing of same sex unions were unthinkable. Openly homosexualist clergy and bishops were unthinkable. Anglican priests who are also Buddhist priests, Hindu priests and Muslim Imams were unthinkable.
Believe me. Take what is unthinkable. Give it to the Anglicans. They’ll not only make it thinkable, they’ll give it an urbane gloss, do some theological gobbledegook doublespeak and hey presto, it is not only the latest ‘Christian’ gimmick, but they’ll praise themselves for being ‘theological and liturgical pioneers’ who bravely go where the others eventually will follow.
They will say, “You know, we put the liturgy in the vernacular, and eventually the Roman Catholic church followed. It may take some time, but the Roman Catholic Church will also have women priests and liturgies for assisted death.
Assisted death? Voluntary suicide? Just about sums up the Anglican/Episcopal Church as far as I can make out.