MSM journalist Todd Unctuous is this week’s guest blogger.

I am, essentially, a man of common sense. I believe things are usually just the way they appear to be. Therefore I always find it amusing when people write long articles or publish websites about conspiracy theories. One of the conspiracy theories people enjoy discussing endlessly is the question of ‘who really killed John F. Kennedy’ or endlessly discussing the death of Marilyn Monroe or other famous people who died like Kurt Cobain or Lady Di. These conspiracy theories are usually ideas that there was a secret group of people who are behind the scenes operating in secret to work together to make things happen to their advantage.

These theories of conspiracies are nothing but the sad imagination of inadequate people who are unable to deal with life adequately. John F Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. It is as simple as that. Marilyn Monroe died from an overdose of sleeping tablets. It was tragic. She was the world’s greatest actress, but that is all there is to it. Lady Di was tragically killed in an automobile accident by a drunk driver. There were no conspiracies behind it all. Likewise with 9/11. This was not a conspiracy by the American government, and people who keep claiming that these things were conspiracies are usually slightly mentally ill, or if not mentally ill, they have a biased and unhealthy way of looking at the world.
It is all the more important to realize this when we consider the forces that have rallied together secretly behind the attacks on our first Afro American President, Mr Barack Obama. Some have called it a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’. It would be nice to think that there was no such thing, but sometimes the evidence mounts up and is irresistible. The right wing of this country make no secret of their hatred of Mr Obama, and it makes perfect sense to me not to be surprised that they should be working together to bring the President down.
They work covertly behind the scenes to spread rumors and lies about the President. They control important media outlets, so called Washington ‘think tanks’, lobbying organizations and financial institutions. These men have been in power for a long time and they know how to pull the strings and make things happen. Nothing goes on without their knowledge. They control vast multi national corporations and control the ‘military industrial complex’ that Democratic presidents from Eisenhower onward have warned us about. Their network is like a spider’s web of sticky and venomous contacts. It is almost invisible, but many flies have been caught in it. Many people will say that there is no evidence of these forces working together, but you have to remember that these networks are secret and that is why there is no clear evidence: their whole network is based on the need for secrecy. The fact that there is no ‘evidence’ is in itself evidence. It proves how very skilled and expert they are at covering their tracks.
This vast network of international right wing power brokers have their most important contacts within the shadowy world of the Vatican City–the tiny, but powerful walled kingdom of the Pope of Rome. From within those walls edicts are issued out to every corner of the world. Many people underestimate the power of the medieval style Pope. Politicians may have the minds and votes of people in their own country for a few short years, but the Pope (who some people call the ‘anti Christ’) rules for life and he controls the hearts of over a billion people worldwide. His network of totally obedient servants is the real multinational power and they work hand in hand with right wing devotees worldwide like the notorious ‘Opus Dei’ secret organization which was so skillfully exposed by the brilliant literary genius Dan Brown.
It is true: conspiracy theories are the stuff of disturbed minds and troubled souls. What we need is common sense and transparency. Only when we have common sense and transparency will we be able to get to the bottom of the murky world of the international right wing lobbyists and their shadowy sister the Roman Catholic Church. Only when we have full disclosure will we be able to enjoy the freedoms we have fought and died for in this country, and I, for one, demand an open accounting and an answer of all our questions. Once the secret right wing power brokers are exposed they must be weeded out and destroyed so that our freedoms will be preserved.
Todd Unctuous is forty two. For more information on Todd Unctuous go here.