Archbishop Jackels of Dubuque has issued a statement commenting on the discipline of barring pro abortion Catholic politicians from communion. You can read it here.

First the Archbishop tells us of all the other pro-life issues like gun control, feeding the hungry, health care and saving the planet.

Then he goes on to make two points. about the Eucharist. First, it is medicine for the sick not a reward for the righteous. Yes, we’ve heard that parroted many times. What is missing is that no one disputes this truth. However, it is a half truth. The Eucharist is medicine for the sick, but the sick person has to first admit they are sick and take the other part of the medicine–which is repentance and confession. Without the first, the second is meaningless.

What this indicates is an amazingly weird understanding of Eucharistic theology–and this from an Archbishop…That the Eucharist is some kind of magic potion that makes everything okay. Is this really what we believe about the Eucharist? I don’t think so. Such a view is akin to medieval magic.

The Archbishop’s second point is:

to be consistent, to repair the scandal of Catholics being indifferent or opposed to all those other life issues, they would have to be denied Holy Communion as well.

Not only is this a banal illustration of whataboutism, but it is logically ridiculous. A pro-abortion politician like Pelosi and Biden actually actively promote the killing of unborn children. For the Archbishop’s point to be valid there would have to be Catholics who not only support the second amendment, but also actively seek to support and fund people who commit mass murder with guns.

There would have to be Catholics who are not only dubious about climate change, but who actively, publicly, vocally support pollution and destruction of the environment. There would have to be Catholics who are not only dubious about universal, government funded health care, but are also actively, publicly and vocally in favor of ejecting sick poor people from the hospital and intentionally denying health care to sick people.

I suggest Archbishop Jackels hire a good speech writer who understands not only the Catholic faith, but the principles of good, clear communication.